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Sydney, Australia

About me

Thank you for dropping by my portfolio. I’m a Polish/Australian freelance creative based in Sydney, Australia although you can often find me working remotely from Europe where my roots are. These days I focus mostly on editing and animation, but I also offer videography and photography services. I love playing with mixed media and I’m currently honing my skills in hand drawn animation. Aerial (drone) services and photo retouching are also skills I like to throw into the mix.

From concept development, to filming and post-production, I craft beautiful imagery and video content that informs and motivates your audience to action. I am particularly interested in visual content which brings awareness and positive change to social and environmental issues. Social and environmental impact video is my greatest passion.

After graduating from UNSW with a Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound) I started my career working as a Digital Video Producer at Pacific Magazines. Pacific publishes leading titles including Australia’s best selling magazine Better Homes and Gardens and the nation’s leading fashion brand Marie Claire. Our video team was responsible for providing video content across the social and online platforms of Pacific Magazines publications, some solely online series likeĀ  Foodiful and Beauty Crew. We also operated as an independent production house offering our services to outside clients.

After gaining experience as a videographer and editor I embarked on my freelance journey and have been producing content in that way ever since. I work both with agencies and with clients directly. Nothing brings more joy to me than collaboration and positive feedback.

I have also worked as a Lead Photographer, Videographer and mentor at Flashpoint Labs – a boutique photography and video agency training young Indigenous apprentices, whilst providing them with paid work experience. In my time there, I loved teaching and mentoring young aspiring creatives whilst providing them with paid work. Giving them inspiration, especially as a female videographer in such a male dominated industry was very rewarding. I am passionate about challenging female stereotypes in the film industry and giving women equal opportunities in technical roles. Female creatives bring balance and a different point of view to every project.

I am ever expanding and love learning new skills and have accumulated a wealth of courses. I have immersed myself into the world of Permaculture and Sustainability through completion of Permaculture Design Course and a Diploma of Sustainable Living at UTAS. Video projects with a positive social and environmental impact have become my specialty as I really enjoy learning about the world through my video work and sharing it with the viewers.

And whenever I feel like my feet are starting to itch and my eyes water from staring at the screen, I pack my bag and head out camping, rock climbing or escape overseas to explore other cultures, get inspired, bring back new shots experiences or simply unwind and come back to nature. Whenever the opportunity arises to be part of a travel filming project, I don’t hesitate to get onboard and merge my two greatest passions – travel and capturing moments visually.


Whether it’s a job you need done or you’d like to brainstorm ideas for a personal project to collaborate on, I would love to hear from you.